Bowen Testimonies

"For anyone that is considering Bowen therapy, but is not completely convinced. Give it a go! I was the biggest sceptic myself but now this would be my ‘go to’ treatment for anything."

"After 3 close follow up treatments I realised my constant dull aching back was not constant anymore! This is the first time my back has not aggravated me for about 10 years."

Back Pain

Tara, Upminster London

Cannot recommend highly enough. After a nasty fall and damaging my coccyx, I was unable to do the most basic of things like putting my socks on or carrying shopping. Struggling for weeks I went to see Georgina, and after the first session there was a huge improvement. She takes a detailed history of symptoms and limitations and then Bowen does the rest! I had 4 sessions in total and I can now say that I am reset, recharged, fully functional and finally able to get back to the gym after 12 weeks. The treatment is non invasive but highly effective. Thank you so much, would recommend to anyone who is debilitated with back pain. 


Rhea, Upminster London

Two weeks ago, I was in so much pain with my back that I could not roll from my back to my front, and was suffering sleepless nights with the pain. I was recommended Bowen therapy through a friend whose husband had turned to it for back pain and never looked back. On my first visit to see Georgina, I was very sceptical about what the treatment would achieve, even more so when the treatment itself consisted of such gentle and light touches..... 24 hours after the first session, I was absolutely amazed at how much better my back felt, I had slept like I baby the night of the first session and was even able to lift things and carry shopping bags the next day. After two sessions I can honestly say, I can barely feel any pain at all. For anyone that is considering Bowen therapy, but is not completely convinced. Give it a go! I was the biggest sceptic myself but now, this would be my ‘go to’ treatment for anything. Thank you Georgina. 


Mr Taylor, Plaistow London 

I injured my lower back in July, lifting a cast iron bench. For 2 days after I suffered in extreme pain so I wore a support belt to work & even slept with it on as well as taking a constant supply of painkillers. A friend told me about Bowen Therapy and how it had helped his wife & several friends. I contacted Georgina and she managed to squeeze me in for treatment the same day. 

My wife drove me as I couldn’t drive. Georgina spoke to me at length regarding my medical background & previous problems I’ve had with my back. The treatment room is very private & very relaxing. 

I didn’t know what to expect, the treatment was very gentle and I was unsure how this was going to be effective. But I woke up the next morning & the severe pain had gone completely! I took my belt to work just in case it came back but I didn’t need it & have not worn it since. 

I have lived with a dull ache in my lower back for the past 15 years due to my job as a Driver & due to being born with a curvature of the spine (Scoliosis). After 3 close follow up treatments I realised my constant dull aching back was not constant anymore! This is the first time my back has not aggravated me for about 10 years. 

Georgina is now seeing me on a less frequent basis, working towards improving my Scoliosis and posture. I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone to not hesitate calling Georgina & giving the treatment a go, thus far I am very grateful & astonished. 

Verity, Upminster London

I have suffered with a bad back since I was 18 as I have degenerative discs, having had surgery to remove two discs in my lower spine and two in my neck which were replaced by cages. As such I have had chronic back pain and stiffness in my back for many years. I feel this particularly in the mornings in my lower back when I bend over and in my neck when I turn my head. 

After my first Bowen treatment with Georgina I was amazed at how flexible I was the next morning with little stiffness and no pain in my lower back where the first treatment focused, I also felt a clarity and inner calm. I found I stood up straighter and felt more focus. After three sessions this release of stiffness and pain extended all along my spine up into my neck and jaw, it has lasted and improved with each visit and I am able to move far more freely and with little pain. 

The treatment was completely non invasive, non painful and thoroughly relaxing with positive results felt within a few hours. 

Verity, Upminster London

I have been seeing Georgina on and off for nearly a year now and can not recommend this treatment enough. I have a degenerative disc condition which means that I have had to have some discs removed both in my lower and upper spine and the others are quite weak. This has led to be suffering with back pain for many years. The treatment that I have had has eased much of the pain and given me back a great flexibility that I have not had for a very long time. It feels as though I am realigned and far more comfortable. Thanks Georgina it has made such a difference to me. 


Nicola Chottin, Brentwood Essex

Georgina takes a really through medical history, keeps detailed notes on each treatment and gives great aftercare advice. I went to her after my recurrent lower back and shoulder pain flared up again - she sorted it in a couple of treatments and it hasn’t returned. I have also found, since having Bowen with Georgina, that I am getting over colds/illness much faster than I used to. 

I also take my 2 year old daughter for sleep and breathing issues and Georgina also treats my mum. 

I definitely, wholeheartedly recommend Bowen Therapy Upminster. 


Russell, Upminster London

I had been suffering mid-back muscle spasms for a couple of weeks. In the 2 days between making an appointment with Georgina and seeing her, the spasms had relented in intensity but were still occurring. I had a single 45 mins appointment. It was a very soft, calm and relaxing treatment. I left a little circumspect about the effect it could have as it was so different to the more manipulative treatments I have had in the past. However, three weeks on and no back spasms. I would go and see Georgina again if the problem returned. 


Nicola Chottin, Brentwood Essex

Georgina did two moves, one near my Coccyx and one on my neck and the constant headache I’d had for two weeks went and hasn’t returned. 

Legs, Ankles, Knees

Sarah, Essex 

I have suffered with pain in my lower back and my knees for many years. My lower back has been particularly bad since having an epidural during the birth of my daughter and my 

knees, especially my right knee, have been weak for a long time. 

I went to visit Georgina for Bowen therapy and am SO pleased that I did. The treatment itself was extremely relaxing that I almost fell asleep! Georgina was highly professional and explained the whole process thoroughly. After the first treatment my body did ache, but in a nice way! My back and knees felt great with more mobility and have done ever since the treatments. 

Mrs Helby, Essex 

Following an injury at the back of my calf which resulted in deep tissue damage I was in a lot of pain and discomfort. The treatment has alleviate the pain and continues to provide relief from the discomfort. It has made a huge difference. 


Mrs Helby, Essex 

I had had two accidents on my left ankle and side of my left foot which has caused me pain and pins and needles. Following the treatment the pins and needles has completely gone and now only when I am on my feet for any great length of time do I get discomfort in that area. The treatment worked extremely well and 

brought a sense of flexibility back which I felt I had lost in my ankle. 

Heidi C, Brentwood Essex

Georgina has treated an inflamed tendon in my ankle which prevented me from walking properly due to the pain and relieved severe muscle pain in my thigh by realigning my body. For the first time in years I have not had a cold all winter. The beauty of Bowen is that one only needs a few treatments at a time. It is so gentle and relaxing. I have had Bowen previously but Georgina is the best. She is now treating 3 generations of my family, from my 2 year old granddaughter upwards. We are all very pleased with the results. 

John, London

I have torn various ligaments in both ankles whilst playing sports. In my late 30’s these injuries have given me more pain and acute stiffness, especially first thing in the morning. Since receiving Bowen therapy the stiffness has eased and the range of movement has increase. I also experience less jarring pain while playing tennis.


Sarah H Havering 

When I first went to see Georgina I was in a lot of pain in my neck, back, hips, ankles and feet. I had been unable to sleep lying down for months because of pain and Georgina was happy to do the treatment with me sitting, but I managed to get on the massage bed in a reclined position and get comfortable with pillows. After the first treatment my shoulders felt inches lower and relaxed. I couldn’t believe that something like this, the movements etc, could have such a huge impact and be so effective and quickly too. After several sessions my physical pains are much better and I can now sleep lying with one pillow. My anxiety and stress issues are more manageable and I feel so much calmer. I always walk out of my treatments as if I am somehow someone else, lighter relaxed and comfortable. 

Ms Fox, London Fields, Hackney London

As a passionate swimmer, I was bereft when a hereditary hip problem started to interfere with my sessions in the pool. After one Bowen session with Georgina, she seemed to visibly rebalance me - and my hip felt instantly much better and the dull ache disappeared. I returned to the pool invigorated, and feel so good I have since taken up long distance swim challenges!

Joe, 17 year old sportsman, Shenfield

Thanks Georgina for fixing my son's hip. He is 100% better now, the Bowen did wonders, he is no longer in pain and feels better in himself. You have the magic touch, thank you so much.


Emma and son, Romford 

Georgina has been excellent at treating my 6 week old son. He's gone from a wailing, stressed-out fusspot to a calm and happier baby. Georgina has worked on his tummy, pelvis and sacrum and helped remove a lot of the tension he was holding after a traumatic birth. The treatment has helped reduce his colic and his reflux has gone away completely. 

After 3 sessions, I am now able to lay him down flat on his back for 20-30 minutes without him screaming the house down whereas before he would object immediately. She's also done wonders for his bowel movements and is a bit of a "Poop Fairy"! I'm really pleased I found her and can't recommend Bowen Therapy Upminster highly enough. 

Cystic Fibrosis

Elena Mother of Maria, Greenwich London

Our three year old daughter, Maria, suffers with pancreatic insufficiency due to Cystic Fibrosis. My husband and I decided to try Bowen as it is such a gentle and holistic approach that would be particularly beneficial for Maria, who was about to turn three, while also attending our NHS appointments. Maria was nervous partly due to attending so many time restricted hospital appointments and doctors throughout her life. Georgina provided toys and was happy to work on Maria while she played and this helped to relax and reassure her. 

Maria’s health and weight have improved and she is now a lot more confident especially when meeting new people, her body language is more open and her body posture better with her shoulders lower and more relaxed. 

Her sleep has also improved massively. We had been co-sleeping, with Maria feeding often throughout the night, but after six treatments Maria said she would like to sleep in her own bed and no longer feeds during the night! 

Maria’s sleep was a little unsettled after our holiday, but after one Bowen treatment she is sleeping through the night again. Maria’s physical and emotional health have greatly improved, and she is a far happier and more confident little girl thanks to Bowen. 

I also had some Bowen sessions with Georgina, which helped with stress and I no longer suffer from a bad back. 


Digestive Issues/IBS/Kidney/Gall bladder/Lymphatic drainage

Liz R, Kent 

I was unsure what to expect from a Bowen treatment, but Georgina made me feel really comfortable and explained the therapy to me. The first treatment I had was very relaxing; I felt my whole body physically relax. The next two treatments focused on my stomach area that was causing me problems, I felt instant relief, like my stomach had been unknotted, the treatment has greatly improved my quality of life. 

S.M, East London

I had three sessions of Bowen a week apart. Each week at my weight loss weigh in I’d lost more weight than I ever had done before. Thank you Bowen Therapy Upminster!



Heidi, Upminster London 

I have been suffering with about 15 migraines a year, for the last four years, since having my second child. At least one a month. Each attack renders me incapable for three days. I was suffering from over medicating, which was prolonging the symptoms, but taking the edge off the pain. Having seen a migraine specialist/ neurologist I know that there is no medical cure for my condition. I have several triggers that will cause a migraine and the combination of these triggers can impact the severity of the attack. After one session of Bowen with Georgina I could definitely notice the difference. The easiest to pinpoint or quantify is sleep. I never had a problem actually going to sleep but I would always struggle to wake up in the mornings, and felt like I had barely slept. The quality of my sleep has dramatically improved. I now wake up with ease, feeling refreshed. After very few sessions the monthly attacks, linked to my menstrual cycle, have all but ceased. 

This is the first time in four years that I have been longer than four weeks without a migraine. The whole treatment experience is very relaxing and there has definitely been a halo effect on my overall stress levels. 



Becky, Upminster London

Before visiting Georgina, I had been suffering with vertigo for several weeks. I had exhausted all conventional medical treatments with no success. How I wished I had approached Georgina first! She started with a thorough medical history review and suggested that, although in the first session she could treat just the vertigo, it would be more beneficial to work from the feet upwards in order to gain maximum benefit from the therapy. This was definitely the right advice because even after the first of three sessions, I experienced immediate relief. After three sessions, the vertigo had vanished and I was left with a sense of well-being. I cannot recommend Georgina enough.

Becky, Upminster

Shanti, Upminster London

I developed positional vertigo last year which caused dizziness with movement of the head such as turning in bed or changing positions. After 3 sessions of Bowen therapy with Georgina, I no longer experienced any instances of dizziness. The treatment is relaxing and not painful.


Kate, Havering

I have struggled with hot flushes for nearly ten years, which, especially in winter, greatly compromises my sleep. After 4 sessions with Georgina I noticed a reduction in the number and severity of the hot flushes.

Adriana London

I had some treatments with you last year just before I started IVF. I have been meaning to message you all year to let you know the IVF finally worked and I had an amazing pregnancy and now have a little girl after 5 years of trying! I'm sure the Bowen helped!!

Stress and Anxiety

Anon, East London

Despite having a successful job I have been crippled by anxiety and panic attacks for the last ten years. I was not comfortable approaching Georgina to discuss this so went under the guise of a bad back. After an incredible first treatment I confided about my condition and received confident, competent support. After several treatments I'm still not sure what Georgina does, but for me she is the body whisperer. I now 'feel' happy & relaxed most of the time, feelings I'd almost forgotten.


S.H Havering

When I first went to see a Georgina I was in a lot of pain ... (all over my body)... I was unable to sleep lying down and Georgina was happy to do the treatment with me sitting, but I managed to get on the massage bed and get comfortable with the help of supports and pillows. After the first treatment my shoulders felt inches lower and relaxed, I was surprised at the immediate release of tension. I couldn’t believe that something like this, the movements etc, could have such a huge impact and so effective and quickly too. After several sessions we worked through my problems. My anxiety and stress issues were more manageable and I felt so much calmer. I always walk out of my treatments with Georgina as if I am somehow someone else, so much lighter, relaxed and comfortable. I now go for regular treatments to keep pains & niggles away.

Carpal Tunnel 

Mrs Clark, Havering 

I started dropping objects I was holding - mobile phone, keys, hairbrush etc. They seemed to just leap out of my hands! I was also experiencing a fizzy numbness in the tips of my fingers in both hands. I was treated by Georgina quite soon after the doctor's diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. It has made an enormous difference. I gradually started dropping things less frequently, and after relatively few sessions I stopped dropping things altogether. The fizzy numbness declined the more treatments I had, and again the symptoms have now ceased. Bowen is a lovely relaxing treatment, which leaves you feeling like you are walking on air, with a wonderful sense of well being. Georgina is professional, calm and sensitive to whatever problem you bring to her. 

Chronic Pain

Cheryl, Hutton Mount

After years of various different treatments, I honestly think you have saved me from a continuous life of pain. Since you treated me I feel so much happier, the chronic pain that was waking me during the night has gone. 

While you were treating me today I was laying there thinking to myself this women is an angel. 


Mother and daughter, Hutton Mount, Shenfield

My 8 year old daughter had always been dry through the night, but for the last 6 months we started having ‘slight accidents’ almost nightly. An adult friend was being treated for stress incontinence and so I contacted Georgina to see if she could help. Georgina told me to try cutting out all apple juice and a few other things and after 2 weeks and 2 treatments the dry nights started! We went weekly for 4 weeks and are very glad we did.


Claire N Upminster

For months, I was making numerous trips to the doctor and dentist as I was suffering from severe pain and throbbing in my jaw.  I was unable to eat solid food or sleep through the night even though I was taking strong anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers prescribed by the GP.

Bowen Therapy was recommended to me by a friend, and after my first treatment, I slept through the night, the pain eased, eating became easier and over the following days/weeks I have not had to reach for a painkiller.

Georgina was so helpful.  It was lovely to have someone who listened and understood the pain I was in.