Craniosacral Testimonies

Pain and Injuries

Tennis Elbow

Claire L, Upminster 

Over the course of four craniosacral therapy sessions with Georgina, I have noticed improvements in my condition. As someone who suffers from ankylosing spondylitis, I experience stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulders, but these treatments have alleviated these symptoms. Additionally, I have tennis elbow and the sessions have helped to relieve the pain. I have also feel a positive impact on my stress levels as I find the therapy very relaxing. 

Spinal/Autoimmune problems

Verity, Upminster

I have tried other alternative treatments to relieve symptoms of pain, numbness, pins and needles caused through spinal problems and other wear and tear which I have benefitted from and was open to trying craniosacral treatment to help as well. My aches and pains have been amplified as I have moved into menopause and felt generally drained of energy. Even after the first session I was surprised how rejuvenated I felt, it was as though I had been plugged in to charge. Following a session I have a feeling of rebalance and enhanced energy flows and I sleep so much better. The tension that I hold in my body seems to melt away allowing a greater sense of clarity and focus. 


Denise Upminster

I decided to give craniosacral treatment a try as I have had problems with my shoulder and neck, from an old injury, which resulted in migraines on a regular basis. Georgina's treatments have been extreemly benificial and I have seen a huge improvement. I am sleeping better and the occurrance of migraines has greatly reduced. Last week I worked for 3 hours  in the garden and had no aches or pains afterwards, this is amazing for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Georgina. 


Claire M, Upminster 

I visited Georgina as I was experiencing extreme pain and lack of movement as a result of what had been diagnosed as sciatica by my GP. So on top of the physio, acupuncture and sports massage I booked in with Georgina for a session.

When I arrived, I hobbled into the treatment room, every step I took was causing me excrutiating pain. Georgina explained about the treatment and in my head I thought, ‘this is going to be a waste of time’. I gingerly got onto the couch crying out in pain as I moved.  

Georgina started the treatment, I was comotozed through most of it but when I came back round I felt so relaxed. I braced myself to get off the couch awaiting the stabbing pain… there was nothing. I swung my legs round and stood up, nothing. I walked across the room, no pain. It really was a miracle. 

I am not fully cured, I still have some twinges of pain, but this treatment has helped me beyond belief. Georgina is now known by me as the ‘White Witch’, 100% a term of endearment for me. 

Stress and Anxiety


Mum of A Level student

Hi Georgina,  I’ve asked Anna to say a few words about the Craniosacral therapy,  but I want to say thank you from me, since Anna has been seeing you I can honestly say I’ve seen a change in her, she seems much happier, doesn’t seem as stressed and it seems to have calmed her. I really believe that whatever is happening during these sessions is really positive, so thank you.  


Anna, A Level student 

I have now had three sessions with Georgina and have really noticed that I feel much more relaxed and am not feeling as stressed and anxious about things as I was prior to these sessions. I feel like a different person. I really enjoy the session and always leave feeling positive.  


Claire S, Upminster

I can honestly say the Craniosacral treatment I have received from Georgina has been amazing, she has such a deep understanding of the workings of my body and emotions and it has provided such a calming effect on me and helped with my anxiety.