Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen Therapy / The Bowen Technique:

Bowen therapy is administered at precise points on the body by gentle moves over neurovascular bundles, muscle and connective tissue. These moves aim to release muscle tension or spasms, which then help to realign and bring the body into a state of balance. These moves are aided by pauses where the body’s nervous system assimilates, responds and heals.


Bowen has an excellent track record in relieving many conditions and is suitable for all: babies, athletes, during pregnancy and the very frail. It can be used on recent, even still swollen, injuries as well as long standing chronic conditions.


A treatment will last approximately an hour starting with a discussion of your medical history and a musculo-skeletal assessment of posture alignment. The session will take place on a massage table (unless it is more appropriate or comfortable for the client to sit) directly on skin or light clothing (your preferences will be respected). You will be fully covered by towels except for the area that I'm working on. Clients are advised to bring a pair of sports shorts with them.


Bowen stimulates an integrated or 'whole body' response, balancing hormones, aiding the bodies internal chemical reactions, improving respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. All treatments aid lymphatic drainage and detoxification improving the body’s ability to function at a metabolic and cellular level. 

Three sessions, ideally 5-10 days apart, may be enough for some conditions, especially if it is a recent injury, but a more comprehensive course may be appropriate for more long standing chronic conditions.


Please visit the Bowen Testimonials page to read examples of some of the conditions that may respond well to Bowen, such as: back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, knee, ankle and foot pain, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, hip rotation, leg length imbalance and more.

Self Care Post Treatment

For maximum benefit it is recommended that you observe the following:


·      Water- Please ensure that you drink at least one litre of still water each day (ideally more on the day of your treatment and the following day). Limit your intake of tea, coffee, alcohol and smoking for at least 24 hours following your treatment as these can slow down the healing process. If possible relax mentally and physically for the rest of the day, but avoid hot baths for 24 hours.


·      Moving/Exercise- In the 48 hours following your Bowen treatment try not to sit still for more than 20 minutes at a time. A short walk around the room/desk will help with the bodies alignment and aid lymphatic drainage. Continue with any comfortable and gentle exercise regime that you already have, but avoid intensive exercise or twisting exercises such as yoga for 24 hours


·      Responses- You are most likely to experience your strongest response 24-48 hours after your first session. You may feel as if you've had a gym workout with muscular aches particularly across the back. Other responses may include: tiredness, headaches, hot or cold flushes, emotional releases, thirst, energy bursts and/or an increased need to urinate. These are all positive signs of the healing process and the body releasing and flushing out toxins. These responses usually only last for 1-3 days so please continue to follow the 3 ‘W’s: wait, walk, water.


·      Medication- Even if you feel a reduction in your symptoms do not alter any medication that has been prescribed for you without speaking with your doctor first.


·      Heat and cold- Do not use deep heat rubs, ice packs or heat pads for at least 24 hours after your Bowen treatment.


·      Other therapies- Whilst receiving Bowen it is best not to receive other physical therapy such as: acupuncture, reflexology, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, etc for at least five days before or after your Bowen treatment. This allows the body to respond to just one healing modality and gives a clearer measure of the body’s response to Bowen.

If you have any concerns or questions before or after receiving a treatment please do phone me to discuss.

Bowen Therapy Upminster is a pet free, smoke free environment.